“A single cell is transformed to a laughing, sociable, intelligent, friendly little human kid over a course of two years; that’s dramatic growth and development,”    

Janie and her husband Jerome are having a baby.  They are about to witness one of the most exciting experiences of their life!  They will witness a miracle!  GE 4D Ultrasound is a breakthrough in Prenatal Imaging. For the first time, they will see clear, moving images of their unborn child. But will this be one of the most exciting experiences of their lives?.....maybe so.....but maybe not........ 

As the result of the introduction of caustic chemicals in household personal and home hygiene products right after World War II, Janie and Jerome are a part of the fourth generation of Americans raised on these toxic home products. Unless Janie and Jerome elect to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle, their baby will be a part of the fifth generation of Americans that are plagued with many of the thousands of genetic diseases that are purposely added to the next generation of children.

These mutagens damage DNA, and consequently children are even more at risk than adults because as they grow, children's cells divide more rapidly than the cells of adults... perpetuating that damage. 


Because these mutagens damage DNA, children are even more at risk than adults because as they grow, children's cells divide more rapidly than the cells of adults, perpetuating that damage. 


What are the most detrimental sources for these environmental toxins? The caustic chemicals in the personal and homecare products... products that you regularly purchase at your grocery store and bring into your home. 


I personally believe that melanoma skin cancer is caused by the combination of the rays of the sun and the caustic chemicals that our skin has absorbed... chemicals that are a part of all of our lives.  This even includes chemicals used to manufacture the sun block that we apply to protect us when we go out in the sun. 


pollution in people


The scientific community is now studying "pollution in people" and they have discovered that these deadly chemicals are ending up permanently in our bodies.

DR. PHILIP LANDRIGAN, chairman, Preventive medicine, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine:

 “We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment, and we are using our children as the experimental animals.  Not a single child today is born free of synthetic chemicals."

Jan. 30, 2003 —  When scientists at the MOUNT SINAI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE sampled Andrea Martin’s blood and urine to see what toxins she’d picked up from the world around her, she got a surprise. “I had 95 chemical contaminants in my little body. And it was very mind blowing,” said Martin. The test results indicate that we all pick up an astounding number of chemicals that are known to be dangerous.  None of the 9 adults in the study worked in or lived near the chemical industry!

"On average, the nine adult  participants had traces of 53 chemicals known to cause cancer in human or animal tests. In addition, they had an average of 62 chemicals toxic to the brain or nervous system, plus 55 associated with birth defects.  Other research shows chemicals in children are in much greater quantities than the amounts found in adults."

The absorption of those deadly chemicals is overwhelming to the immune systems and consequently is adversely effecting every bodily organ for you, for your family, and even more especially for the baby in the womb. The baby in the womb is at a critical window of vulnerability. In the nine months of gestation the human body undergoes phenomenal changes and its most rapid growth, making it especially susceptible to environmental toxins.   

For the unborn baby, many different environmentally toxic synthetic chemical interrupters readily cross the placenta, which is the primary source of nutrients for the baby. It is through the placental circulation that these toxins may enter into the babies’ blood supply and are distributed throughout the developing organ systems. This does not allow the organs to develop appropriately. The end result can be catastrophic.

While environmental toxins in the mother’s blood stream may result in enormous clinical effects in the mother. However, there will be much more detrimental, long-lasting, effects to the baby. As neurotoxins enter the babies’ blood supply, they can affect the specificity of the brain’s network of connections, permanently altering a child’s intelligence and the ability to development.

The developing brain with its complex network of connections is at greater risk to toxic insults than the fully developed adult brain." Compared to the mother’s dose of exposure, the developing infant is exposed to greater quantities of environmental chemicals per pound of body weight. This is compounded by the fact that developing babies have immature immune and metabolic systems, which may make the baby less able to detoxify harmful chemicals.

Neurotoxins have the capability of interfering with several stages of central nervous system maturation including individual brain cell growth, closure of the spinal cord, and the formation of the countless Medical interconnections of the nervous system throughout the body. At any stage in a baby’s growth environmental exposures from these toxins alter the normal development of the heart, lungs, and brain. 

What's the end result of this brain damage?  Among other things, People are losing their ability to reason.

Regulations do not exist requiring pre-market testing of the deadly chemicals in the marketplace to ensure that products have no long term effects such as autism, developmental delays, decreased intelligence, behavioral problems, disruption of the endocrine system or on the development of childhood or adult onset cancers. Existing safety thresholds do not adequately account for baby's and or older children’s unique vulnerabilities.  

Making a Baby...

Lets take another look at Janie and Jerome.... Now that they are married they have started their family. They needed just one egg and one sperm for the conception!  Janie supplied the egg, (remember, she started with about 3,000,000) and Jerome has been churning out sperm by the millions, 1,000  every second, since he reached the age of puberty so he is ready! Taking no chances on only one sperm that might get sidetracked, he will use about 300,000,000 sperm in each attempt to impregnate his mate. Each of his sperm have a different DNA, its own unique genetic package.... The DNA of the father's fertilizing sperm could have been defective when it was created but also altered at anytime since the sperm was created before conception occurs.

Only one of "all those sperm" will be able to fertilize her egg. Being raised in a caustic home environment takes it's toll on every part of our being and male sperm is not excluded. More than 60% of the sperm in all "healthy" American adult males are defective.

Mutant Genes may also occur in the fetus when they did not exist prior to conception.  Why do you think newborns are eating up with cancer and countless other diseases when there is no family history the day they say "hello world".

Eight weeks after Janie was conceived she had made all the eggs for her children. Her eggs will immediately began to die and will continue to die till they are all gone... when she in her 30's

Janie looked like the graphic above. At that time her eggs, roughly 3,000,000, all had the same exact DNA!  Not so for Jerome's sperm. Remember, each of his individual sperm has a different DNA. 

Janie's baby... if it is going to be a girl, she will also have created all the eggs for her children eight weeks after her conception. After an egg is fertilized, the DNA of the developing fetus can be altered by environmental toxins at any time during the nine months of gestation prier to birth. Any gene mutation can and will eventually cause the child to have a change in the development of some part of the person. Not necessary a "genetic disease" but any altering of Gods perfection is not a "good thing". Possibly an existing genetic disease or maybe even a new disease is created. Those synthetic chemical interrupters in the mother will now be in the baby.

That chemical contamination is referred to as her "Body Burden".

Janie's baby will have a 40% greater level of toxic chemicals than the Janie at the time of birth...a present from the Janie! To me, this is mind boggling. This level of contamination will increase by a 40% or greater level with each new generation... unless action is taken to change the cycle!

Wake up and smell the roses!

Whether you realize it or not, the adverse effect of allowing the toxic products into your home has already affected the health of your family. Unless you wake up to reality this catastrophe will continue for you and all your future generations.

"These Chemical products that cause genetic diseases by destroying our microscopic life do not belong in products marketed for our personal and house-hold use." The diseases that are known to be associated with DNA mutations resulting from the use of these chemicals are escalating annually. The rate of increase in all genetic diseases is increasing at an astonishing rate yet we continue to live our lives as though we were immortal". 

By continuing to use these deadly products in your homes... What are you doing to your family, and just as important, what about your future generations?

In 2003 we have moved past the 4th generation and entering the fifth generation of the synthetic chemical revolution that began during world war II. Where will our fifth generation end up? Where do you think our kids and our grandkids will be when we get into the sixth and seventh generations of using those deadly home products

We are a part of the only civilization in the history of the world that will willingly destroy itself, and nothing will turn this around.

Actually your personal home environment is the only environment where will ever be able to make any appreciable changes.

With each new discovery I become more desperate to help other families. Everyone that makes the commitment and gets their caustic products out of their homes, regardless of the condition of their health, gets better! Much better... For people to become aware of this information and still continue their caustic home environment literally blows me away. Some days I wonder how I can care so much, and you will care so little!

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